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Spiradis Hidden Camera Detector

Spiradis Hidden Camera Detector

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Concerned about privacy in unfamiliar environments? The Spiradis Hidden Camera Detector is your personal, high-strength shield against hidden cameras and covert GPS trackers. Featuring advanced RF and GPS tracking detection technology in a sleek, compact design, this user-friendly tool quickly identifies concealed devices, making it an essential companion for anyone needing to maintain privacy and security. Secure your Spiradis Hidden Camera Detector today and savor the peace of mind that comes with ensuring your privacy is uncompromised.

  1. Adjustable Sensitivity: Precisely detects mobile signals and radio waves within an 8-meter radius, with 6 levels of sensitivity for enhanced accuracy.
  2. Long-lasting Battery: Equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts for 2.5 hours, enabling months of usage without frequent charging.
  3. Lightweight and Portable: Weighs only 0.7 oz, perfect for travel and easy to store in handbags, backpacks, or suitcases.
  4. Easy to Operate: Intuitive use with loud and sustained beeping (or vibration mode) for hidden camera detection, with a red light feature for spotting camera lenses.


Using advanced radio frequency technology, the Spiradis Hidden Camera Detector swiftly identifies hidden cameras and microphones within its range.

The detector is equipped with a sophisticated GPS detection system, allowing it to promptly alert you to any unwarranted GPS trackers in your vicinity.

Upon detection of any covert device, the Spiradis Hidden Camera Detector triggers an immediate alert, ensuring you're instantly aware of potential privacy breaches.



How does the Spiradis Hidden Camera Detector work?

Turn on the detector, extend the wand, and walk around until it starts beeping, indicating a potential hidden camera. Use the built-in red light to confirm the camera presence. If you see a blinking red dot, that's likely a camera lens! The detector also features an adjustable IR light and a flashlight for easier camera detection, even in the dark.

How does the RF Detection function?

The RF Bug Detector picks up RF signals (like WiFi, GSM cellular) which wireless bugs transmit. As you get closer to the source, the signal strength indicator shows an increased signal strength, alerting you with a sound or vibration. Remember to turn off known RF emitting devices beforehand to avoid interference.

How does GPS Tracking Detection function?

To check for GPS trackers on your car, switch to GPS detection mode and scan your car. The detector will alert you with a sound or vibration upon detecting magnetic fields from a GPS tracker.

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